I left home for NYSC with no clear direction of my life, although it has always been my dreams to contribute meaningfully to life, enjoy life and help others.

Those were my fantasies, but I don’t know how to achieve those. I strongly believed that it was going to happen.

In the orientation camp, I joined the ICT group due to my fore knowledge, coupled with the trainer telling us that it was possible to make it great with ICT if well used.

He showed us many ways to earn using the Internet, but the one that caught my attention was BLOGGING. I went for it, though with no prior experience.

I wanted to start blogging. I was thinking about it until I met a guy.

We were having a Job Alert training I had no interest in. I told the guy about my dislike for such programs and emphasized that I’ll get a job only if I had the right connections. Moreover, as a starter, I would settle for a job that offered N50,000.

He looked at me and asked me a question, “Do you want to live or you want to survive?”

For some days I didn’t reply that question. He later sent me 2 videos and an ebook written by a blogger because I told him I loved blogging.

To my surprise, the videos and the ebook supplemented one another. He told me his story of how he left accounting to embrace web design. With this we became partners and launched

We made it a multi-purpose blog and hired some writers to join us.

They did, but we were proved wrong. We knew nothing about the business of blogging.

During the time I’d been working on myself, read books, attended seminars, took free and paid courses (online and offline) and asked people to help me. It was then I was able to get my true identity. I realized my mouth can speak more than I can write.

At the beginning of the next year I was asked to fill in for an invited speaker in a club’s anniversary and that was when I realized that “It’s not what you don’t have, it’s what you think you need that keeps you from being successful.”

Since then, I’ve set my eye on helping individuals to discover their innate abilities and hidden potentials and build a profitable businesses around their passions.

That’s why I dedicate 5 days in spite of my busy schedule to offer help to those who are stuck in the dilemma, who are really confused about what life presents to them each day, to help you gain clarity, find purpose for life and begin to earn profitable using your God-given talents and abilities.

This event is for you if

  • you seek to vacate the shores of confusion,
  • you decide to achieve more with less,
  • you want to overcome life’s biggest threats,
  • you want to make good use of your abilities,
  • you really want to get rid of lean purses.

I really want to help you answer life’s biggest question and overturn distress in your favour.

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Live your dreams.


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