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Confusion is a great gain
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  Late 2015, I found myself in a lurch, the hope of living my dreams and achieving greatness was fast disappearing, I was in a tunnel and no light was…

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The Key Elements of Public Speaking
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The 3 Elements of persuasion in public speaking The goal of public speaking is to cause an action to take place that would not have taken place in the absence…

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Why you are not on your seat yet?
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Are you really cut-out for this? In the Mastering the Business of your Talent Course with Steve Harris, I was made to understand that happiness and enjoyment in life and…

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What are you doing with your power?
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King David was one of the greatest king of all time, looking at what he achieved as a young a lad, it may be impossible to repeat his feat. Even…

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Four Keys to Become an Excellent Speaker
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  A Professional Speaker is someone who has a unique story and message to share with the world, to trigger, motivate and charge hearts. Every professional speaker you see or…

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The Power of Consistency
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I read a post by Emeka Nobis where he was cited as an economic risk by an international publishing firm, maybe due to the fact that he was relatively unknown…

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Conceive, believe, protect and deliver: Lesson from Incarnation
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Christmas is the fulfillment of a define promise, it’s a birth of a promised destiny which was delivered in no time and in the same vein I want you to…

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What do you live for?
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What do you live for? There are winners, there are losers and there are people who don’t know how to win. So far I’ve met people who are clueless and…

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Why you should start speaking now
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5 benefits of being a public speaker Like I said in my previous post, the business of a speaking is very lucrative and can offer profound opportunities and numerous benefits.…

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Of the past, present and future – where are you now?
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Following the previous post on the present and future, I congratulate those that has really defined what they want. If you have not done so, you can see it here.…

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