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Tomorrow doesn’t exist
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Tomorrow is gone forever The human life is by far the shortest distance ever. Once someone is alive the next minute he is no more, who can tell what becomes…

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Follow your own star
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Have patience and engage in consistent action. “It’s not good. What about this? Delete it. Let’s take another one.” That was the response from the set of ladies I sat…

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Beware of brief delight and lasting shame
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I washed and sun the clothes outside, little did I notice the approaching rain. Very soon friends came in and we started to gist, the gist was so interesting that…

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Choose the pain of discipline
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I sat down yesterday evening to while away the time with PS2 video game, mum came around and didn’t alter a word. Something cluttered in me, I remembered back in…

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5 Rules of Intentional Living
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5 ways to make it in life 1. Know why you are here. “The mystery of human existence lies not in just staying alive, but in finding something to live…

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I saw a ghost
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I don’t know if I was in the body or not. The man I saw was still alive the last time I checked, but how come he appears like a…

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Why you have not achieved your goals
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It was a beautiful Sunny day, I sat out at the street corner observing trends as was my custom with other guys. The day seemed dry as nothing spectacular moved…

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Juventus won?
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Things I learned last night 1. Resting on your laurels? From the result of the first leg in Turin, it was obvious that the match has been won without the…

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Killing my ‘small’ self
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Recently I felt frustrated with myself due to poor focus and lack of attention to the bigger picture. Like my boss would always say, “execution is much better than words”,…

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How to Bring Out The Greatness Within You: Tips I Learned from Emeka Nobis
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It was a youth program held in a church in Owerri, I had to get out of my comfort zone to listen to Emeka Nobis he has been one of…

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