Life Hacking Without Permission

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When I started on this road years ago, I tried so hard to convince people especially closed pals that it’s a worthwhile adventure although filled with many challenges but the end is of immeasurable success, happiness and freedom.

It is a common thought to live life in conventional way which of course I’m not criticizing anyway, they both work together for the good, not all of us will go the unconventional way, some of us need to create something for ourselves and for the world.

I’ve seen many successful people on air and physically, at least I’ve walked about two feet with a governor, I waited, I observed, I’ve read many successful stories, especially about people who beat the odds, also those who went the traditional way to rose to the peak of their career path and many also who pursue an independent dream or idea who have become industry expert, standing and listening to this groups of people made me remember the words of Steve Jobs when he said “Everything around you that you call life was made up by people who are no smarter than you.”

Either you’re just starting out or you’ve not begin or you’ve been on it for a while, you need to believe that those who are achieving monumental things, that those who are really making the differences in the world are not smarter than you, in fact it’s possible you are even smarter than them but they only do ordinary things in an extraordinary way.

You don’t have to be a demigod before you become a hero, practically and daily and timely commitment to your task will ensure you will win the crown. There is no magic neither shortcut to greatness.

Here is the thing, whatever it is that you want to dedicate your life to, let me warn you that you do not need other people’s permission to live your own life. Only do what you think it’s best for you, I don’t even advice you copy my own life because that will mean that you’ve abandoned your unique self and dream.

You can only follow someone else’s path if only it applies to your situation.

In quest to move up, to become that exceptional being, to achieve what you’re destined, a checklist is needed, address your current situation and performance, see where improvement is needed and take the lead on it, today is the day to rewrite your story and today is the day to do more things right, tomorrow may be too late.

Remember once more, you do not need other people’s permission to live your own life.

Live your dreams.

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