Tomorrow doesn’t exist

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Tomorrow is gone forever

The human life is by far the shortest distance ever. Once someone is alive the next minute he is no more, who can tell what becomes of man in the next moment?

So many times we find ourselves entangled in situations where the outcome is not definite, trying to make things work, some lose their lives in the process, only few with enduring spirit live to see the future of past efforts, what becomes of human efforts?

Our lives are dedicated to build legacies, while some wake early to pursue beautiful dreams, others sleep-walk through life, making reproach of their existence.

Either you are aware that you are building or not, your actions and inactions will always lead to something, there is a reward for every engagement.

Those who have achieved something worthwhile so far embraced urgency, they see everyday as their last days on earth, they know quite alright that tomorrow may not come so they choose the pain of discipline in the present in order to avoid the pain of disappointment in the near future.

Let me ask you “What would you do if this was it? You have only one day to live.”

Why do you keep delaying actions that were meant to be carried out momentarily?

It’s a beautiful question but not sufficient on its own, if possibly today is your last day, you can go ahead to bring that dream to pass, you can bake the cake you’ve been preparing in mind, you can tell that man or woman that you really love and care for them, you can quit that job that’s making you so miserable, you can apply for that new course, you can read that book that you have always put on hold, you can put lessons into action, you can make amends with people you have wrong, you can produce that one hit you’ve hid in your heart, you can write that post you’ve been composing in your head.

All of these are compulsory since the last days are hidden from us, so if you are thinking of achieving a monument then the best time is today, there is no need to wait for the warning of the final moments when you will lie down in hospital bed or when your strength is gone.

You only have one life to live then I’d advice that you make the best of it, the time is never sufficient but the fact that you’re reading this mean that you still have the time to contribute meaningfully to the universe, I say to you “Dare to Emerge.”

There is an urgency to life, whether you want it or not. When you embrace the urgency instead of ignoring it, you can create something that changes the world. Oh, and you can do this in a fun way that makes the best use of your own talent and motivation.

In a world of take-it-easy, who needs a life oriented about effort and achievement?

Well, I certainly do. And perhaps you do too.

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