What do you desire? A Job or a Dream?

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Some days ago, I sat with a friend, who we both worked closed to each other in our various 9-5. He worked in a bank with an handsome pay while I work in an ICT and Management firm that pays just enough to make ends meet.

My time in the organization left me frustrated, I had many plans I didn’t take on, many things to do but found out that I was blocking myself, because what’s inside of me negates what I was actually doing. I became more worrisome. In addition, the organization policy is beyond my reach and satisfaction.

My friend on the other hand enjoyed the banking job, I don’t know if he ever thought of quitting or have other plans outside his current engagement but long story short, nature eventually came between us.

At a certain time, the true me came to life, I willingly submitted my resignation letter, and that gave me time to focus on my craft, though it wasn’t easy but I did. Quitting your job most times may mean “Less Money now, More Freedom and MORE MONEY LATER” and because I already had a plan, I didn’t waste time, I went on to execute those plans.

Meanwhile at around almost the same time, my friend was fired, his face turned pale, he wasn’t expecting the shock, and guess what, his wife was pregnant, I felt for him so much, how will take care of his family?

So I asked him what next?

He went on to tell me he had always had passion for something else, but now that he’s out of job he will create a living in that path. He went on to tell me how impressed he was about what I’ve done overtime, and then I realized that most people take jobs that inhibits their progresses in life.

Guess who is laughing now?

As long as I don’t tell people to quit their jobs, I also need you to ask yourself

Am I satisfied with my work?

Does it meet my needs and fulfill my desires?

Do you have to be fired before you know that you have better things inside of you?

Your work should not exist merely to provide income for the rest of your life. Ask yourself, what am I working for? Am I working to make a living or to make a life?

If your work supports your goals, that’s great. If it doesn’t, maybe it’s time to make a change.

How does Monday morning sound to you?

Do you feel pain or personal freedom?

It’s beautiful day to make those dreams come to reality…

Live your dreams.

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