How you murdered those wonderful dreams

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Last year November, my body cream container became empty, I was out of lotion, I needed to replace it but I’m afraid of the current price of the product as at that time, I wouldn’t like to get to the market only to discover that there is an increase in the price due to the economic state of the country that has led to increase in the price of normal products overtime.

I had not being to the market to inquire about the price but my instinct said that the price would have changed with the look of things. (Though I have no proof).

Instead of going to the market, I resorted to use my hair cream on my body as well, hoping that the economic condition will turn favourable in the turn of days and months.

A month later, I’ve exhausted the hair cream as well, and with no more cream, I decided to visit the market (after being trampled by fear in the change of price), in January and to my amazement, the price of the product hasn’t change by any additional Naira, it remains the same, and more so the hair cream I thought was expensive was just affordable.

How I had let fear shut down my hopes and possibilities of enjoyment and good life.

Some many people are victims of fear as well, they let fear overruled them, limiting their chances of becoming great in life. Instead of facing life directly they try to avoid pain.

Fear is a dream killer.

It’s true that we are all born with a particular fear but in order to achieve greater things, you need to unlearn your fears and hug courage tenaciously.

Most people are not living their dreams, they are not living up to their true potentials simply because they are afraid. Some are afraid of what other people will say when they eventually serve the craft. Others are afraid of failing. The truth is that, nothing works the first time, you must try, fail, try, try once more then you will win, the man who hasn’t fail in life has not done anything at all. You must jettison your fear intents and embrace faith.

Like Zig Ziglar said, Fear is Fake Experiences Appearing Real, it’s not real in anyway, I remembered sometimes I thought of approaching a lady but was shut down with the fear in me. I was prevented a long time because I allowed fear to rule me.

Fear limits opportunities.

You can overcome fear by asking yourself, WHAT’S THE WORST THING THAT WILL HAPPEN IF I DO THIS?” And through experiences, the things that you are afraid of are not worth it. Steve Harris said it best, you do not have a facts for what you are afraid of. And in fact every other thing you want in life is in the other side of fear.


In order to live the life you have always dream of, you need to bypass your fears, you deserve the best that life has to offer, don’t allow fear to stop you.

Reject fear, Have FAITH; Find Answers In The Heart then things will become possible.

You will only become powerful if you do the things you’re always afraid of.

Don’t stop chasing your dreams.

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