We lose a lot more to overfeeding, than we do to underfeeding

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Little Rita came back from school at exactly 3:00pm, she hardly removed her uniforms when she began to feed herself.

At less than two years, she already know how to replace her lost energy. She couldn’t close her eyes to food, no matter how well she ate that doesn’t stop her from taking more.

This very day, I recalled she used the toilet about four times between 3:00pm and 9:00pm, what could possibly go wrong, I asked her parents and they said she didn’t have any stomach disorder, but that she never stopped eating since she came home.

Then I noticed that little Rita had overfed herself, she had taking so much than required and because of that, she’s restless and need to put some away, she’s the type that always open herself to feed on anything and now she is disturbed, overfeeding is contagious.

Her crave for meals had affected her stature, she looked more like a dwarf, growth not forth coming, and she doesn’t look good as expected, she has developed a repetition for looking ugly, her parents complain of her incessant feeding habit.

It is expected that we use up the energy we got from meals before taking another, but this not Rita’s case, while other children write their home works and relax after school, she found more solace in feeding.

As humans, not only do we overfeed ourselves in matters of food due to selfishness and greed but we also overfeed ourselves with information and knowledge such that we fail to practice what we had learn or gotten from a particular piece.

I’ve seen many people craving for more information which is very good, but have done nothing with the information and knowledge they posses, then of what use is knowledge not applied.

Knowledge applied is wisdom. Stop wishing for more and start doing.

While it is good to feed on valuable materials then you need to audit yourself, what have you done overtime with the information you got from the books you have read, seminars you’ve attended and tapes you’ve listened to.

Instead of working with the little you have, you’re still craving for more, are you a grave that doesn’t get satisfied?

One reason why we die is not because we are too old, rather it’s because of body disuse, in other words, not using the parts of the body judiciously in ways expected, this results in untimely death, not just physical death; failure to use your talent and knowledge means you’re literally committing spiritual suicide.

Save yourself and save the world, start working on your dreams, apply the knowledge you’ve acquired so far, you will never be perfect, and there will never be perfect time but you can make today perfect by doing what you can with what you have.

I stopped reading from a particular master until I have done what I had gotten from his feet in our last meeting, and I’m glad to have done that.

When you practice what you learn, you are fulfilled, you will love yourself more and it will open you learn more, but don’t read further if you have not act on your recent acquisitions.

Stop killing yourself, overfeeding kills.

Sow your talent, time and energy, save this land from extinction.

You lose when you overfeed.

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