After We Broke Up, I got another meaning.

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Rosa came back from school, after the break, and prior to her admission, we enjoyed awesome companionship, one that I envisioned will lead to the promise land.

I tagged her as my comforter, because she was there for me in times of trouble when I was left with no one, she helped glide through the hard times. In my mind, I feel the best way to pay her back was to sacrifice the rest of my life for her, this was my greatest wish.

However, when she came back from the university to spend some time at home, she looked differently, she has little or no regard for the affair that I held in high esteem, she wouldn’t sing “I love you” we chorused often.

I grew concern, what does she mean, I had to face her, hear her out, I went to see her with a friend, that day was a day I will never forget, though it’s been years now but still fresh in my memory, Rosa made a mess of me and my friends, we were white washed, rained insults and last of it all, she threw away our rose of love in the fire.

I could not recover for days, I wept through the night, I wondered how a sweet love affair could be interrupted simply because she changed her environment and I made up my mind never to look affectionately to any woman, I sensed that what every woman want is money and fake excitements and seeing how things happen among my wealthy friends, how they misuse female folks because they are wealthy, I concluded that I won’t make a move until I own certain amount of money or build my empire.

Years rolled by, I’m still the same, single man and not desperate to mingle, seriously focused on my tasks. I dismiss and deny myself any feminine approach, I counted them as unserious monkeys waiting to swallow my wealth and you can’t have the best of them unless you are rich.

After some years, in a national scheme for youths, I met a lady, at first I don’t give a damn about her simply because of her carriage, and because of my hatred for females, I closed my eye at every feministic glimpse, before I knew it, she was on my friend’s radar, so I couldn’t avoid her any longer.

She made my friend feel at home, my friend had a new beginning, the future looked bright though he couldn’t afford a bicycle, she held on.

I grew interest in their relationship, and despite her family pressure on her to get married to another rich guy, this lady rejected all the beautiful opportunities and remained with my friend, and with this she won more space in my heart, for a long time I’m seeing a woman with a difference, not distracted by worldly advantages. She’s indeed one to count on.

Anytime I think about my friend, I thought of his jewel too, one that stayed in times of lack, then she began to give me another meaning to women, she made dislodge and delete my initial belief about women seeing them as ravages.

In fact she cut in when I said I could not date any lady because I’m still struggling but she was quick to tell that being in love is not a matter of money, she sighted my friend as an example and I could not agree less.

Since then I began to rethink about some beliefs I held in high esteem, I noticed that some of them are wrong and the decisions made by my subconscious mind was purely sentimental. I see more beauty in life, I refuse to look at the negative side of things.

It’s true that your life experience determines your belief system and your belief system determines your decisions and your decisions determines your destiny.

So many has found themselves clinging to things that are far from the truth, due to an experience some make decisions irrationally which has indeed affected us the wrong way denying us the joy of living hood.

I challenge you to rethink those things you once belief, those things that shuts your possibility approach, those things that brought negativity upon you, they might be false. You need to dismiss this beliefs and let the comforter comes in.

What does a particular event in your life means to you?

How do you handle disappointments and betrayals?

Do you look for the lessons in your recent failure?

Have you been told that your dreams are impossible?

Do you see opportunities in a problem?

Do you always embrace challenges or close eyes to the salient truth in the ocean of lies?

It’s up to you to break that myth today.

Why are you doing what you are doing?

Are you doing because of what you feel? Or because others are doing it?

You need to rethink again… RE-PATTERN YOUR LIFE TODAY.

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