“The Other Day I Died”

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The night was full of merriment, drumming and signing we rejoiced, lovely maidens led the way and everyone danced along.

Soon darkness covered everything, and turn by turn we made for bed, we all desire more nights like this, the pleasantries were enormous, we would never forget.

In the dawn of the day, I heard the crackling of guns somewhere near, I changed my sleeping pattern, I thought it was a dream, little did I know it was real.

Armed men at my door, badged in, I was in boxers, still thinking it to be a dream.

Will you wear your shirt or you follow us like this?

That was the only question they asked me, I was agape. My mouth opened wide like a prostitute’s business centre, no answer came forth and before I knew it, I was arraigned before the judge.

What’s my offence?

Was taken to a lonely place, the crowd with me last night all lined up to know our fate and momentarily we have forgotten the sweet sensation of last night.

It got to my turn, the judge ask thus, “give one reason why you need more time here”

My mind went back to sometimes ago, when I was on the brink of joining the other world, when I was told that my time was over, at that time I had dreams.

I listed them as goals.

I wrote them plain.

I wanted to build a house.

I wanted to write books. I wanted to support missionary work.

I wanted to contribute significantly to the universe. I wanted to leave a LEGACY.

I wanted to enrol into a course and get my certification to practice as a Midwife to help people deliver their dreams.

I had them all listed down. But like a wedding without a groom, I couldn’t do anything. I had squandered time, talents and opportunities.

I decided not to act, I chose not to focus on my craft, i allowed other people’s voices to sway me off my dreams, I discarded the pain of discipline and now I’m left with disappointment.

What a time wasted, how i had let procrastination stole me away, how I had let perfection prevent me from shooting, how I had married fear and let it ruin the days.

There was none to my rescue.

As i looked at the judge my heart skipped, standing before this jury again, I felt so guilty, nothing to say for my defence, and eventually I was sentenced and on the way to be executed I pleaded with the attorney for a pen and paper. Even if at all I couldn’t build that royal apartment and manifest those dreams, the pain here is unbearable, I don’t want my relatives to join me so I wrote this sixty two words to them.

“You have dreams, you have power, but you have little time here to achieve those dreams, take the chance on yourself today, because by tomorrow the good Lord will take you away.

Build a legacy because this is the most important thing!

What are you building?

What is the story of your life, and what will be your ultimate impact on the world?”

Hint: sometimes it’s difficult to think about the bigger questions like legacy right away. That’s why you start with some of the easier ones. If you’re not sure what to do on any given day, do one thing that helps someone and one thing that brings you one step closer to the dreams you identified at the beginning.

So … what are you thinking about today?

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