What you have is plenty

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What you have is plenty…John Obidi

After the training with Steve Harris in 2016, I was unable to apply what he taught in the class because of my 9-5 that took my time but 9 months later I abandoned the job then I went back to study the modules again.

It was the second module that I came across this question, “what is the bad side of your product?”

Here, Steve was doing Product Assessment. At first I couldn’t figure it out but overtime as I meditated on it, the answer appeared gradually.

As a speaker I realized that I need to improve my communication and presentation skills, more so my writing to some extent is not tenable. I need to increase my social media engagements and learn how to craft good contents, presenting myself as a god in the field.

This made me enrolled for social media influence and content creation courses under Emeka Nobis and Tomiwa Ogunremi, these guys are the best I’ve come across in the writing business.

The experience was awesome, I wish the class not to end, and after the class, I noticed that I had improved overtime. I became more confident in my craft, my social media presence had increased and creating contents become relatively easy and though I’m not a master yet, I enjoy the process and hopefully one day I’ll be THERE.

As the new year opens, I needed to improve myself again, I was already thinking of the next course to take and during my meditation, I was obstructed by a story.

It was the parable of the sower from the Bible, whose seeds fell on different grounds and at last one land became fruitful that made him forgot the other three unproductive grounds.

At first, I saw endurance and commitment, though the initial seeds fell along the road, on the rock and among thorns, yet he kept sowing, he didn’t allow the bad result to stop him from sowing, he continued sowing.

You may be one short of your breakthrough, so don’t consider quitting yet.

On the other way round, knowledge applied equals wisdom.

Many people have this knowledge, this seed of greatness within them but they decided not to act, they refused to use it, they refused to sow the seed of greatness and they think success will fall on their laps, which is impossible.

They have read many books, hired many coaches, they are even more gifted and talented, yet they do not avail themselves the opportunity to try, fall, try, try again and win.

You need to realize that in the above parable, the sower doesn’t have any problem neither were the seeds faulty, the only challenge is the ground the seeds fell.

The same seed that fell upon the rock which yielded zero result became fruitful in another land.

You need to change strategy and location.

You may be thinking you are not good enough or what you have is too small, listen here, YOU EMBODY GREATNESS, YOU CARRY AN EXCELLENT SEED, you need to start sowing now and eventually your efforts will land in the good soil and you’ll become productive.

Right here before you think of the next course to take or the next book to buy or the next coach to pay, what have you done with your previous experiences and the knowledge you’ve gained overtime, don’t overfeed yourself, use what you’ve got…

For what you have is plenty John Obidi said.

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