Don’t give up until you read this.

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The other time I decided to give up.

Of course we have all heard that we should follow our passion and do what we like doing that success will show up but I want to tell you that PASSION can be PAINFUL.

Yes you heard right,

It’s very painful,

When you are working on a major goal and it’s becoming impossible to achieve your dreams, there’s always the temptation to give up.

It happens to everyone which I’m not excluded. But I remembered a story of long time ago which is still relevant in our days.

A farmer was sowing his seed, some fell along the road and birds of the air ate them up.

He proceeded with the seed, some fell on the rock, and because there is no moisture and nutrients to make it grow, the seeds dried up.

The next set of seeds fell among the thorns, where it’s impossible for germination to take place, so the thorns overpowered it and there was no growth.

He didn’t give up, still went ahead.

The last set fell on the good land, where fertilization and germination took place and there he was able to harvest hundreds and thousands’ fold.

It was obvious the farmer was carrying seeds of greatness, he went around sowing, but his first three attempts were like beating a dead horse, they proved futile but he never stopped sowing.

In working towards your dreams, you are going to labour, you may not get result at first, if only you can try more, you will get there.

The excellent seed fell on the rock as well as the fertile ground, what you have is good enough, but you need to channel your efforts to the appropriate environment, and if you are unable to locate it, just keep showing up. Keep pouring out the good stuff you have in you, one day you’ll eventually sow on the good land.

From the above story, two things stood out. The farmer understands what it means to have patience and engaging in consistent action. Those are the vital ingredients to achieve your dreams.

I don’t know what you’ve been working on that it proving so hard and insurmountable, I just want to help you believe that you will win if you don’t quit.

People are going to laugh at you, they’ll turn their backs at you, it’s going to be difficult but I want you to realize that you can make it, your dreams are possible, don’t give up.

Just like John Cena KEEP CALM AND DON’T GIVE UP.


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