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How do you do these things?” was a question someone asked me recently. He was curious how I manage to be consistent in doing what I’m doing on the social media – my daily posts.

I received a comment last week thus; “Sir, I’ve been following your write-ups on Facebook in recent time and I’m amazed at how you use everything going on in the society as well as your personal life to drive home points. More grace!”

“Israel, why did you keep all this from us? Since we were in school those days I know you will amount to something great in life, I’ve always known you as a pathfinder.”

Those were the words of a former course mate in higher institution of learning.

Back then I would gather my course mates and we would do revisions, shed more light on what we had learnt in the class, the turn up always increased during examination periods but back then I never saw it as anything.

I saw it as a way of helping others by giving what I was given divinely freely, though many came to offer me Money and lots of gifts and for many times I’d declined but accepted eventually, I didn’t put a price tag on my talent and ability.

Getting out of school yet I didn’t see this as a way of making business by meeting people’s need, I was blind to the fact that I was born to solve problems with my talents and abilities.

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Eventually I was brought to life, I communed with the greats and I was told my talent will feed me if I give it what it takes.

Here is the thing.

Realizing that I’m just talented to do all these is not enough, like I was taught, mastering the business of your talent is 20% talent and 80% business. That’s all it takes.

The business aspect is very important.

How do I know?

I’ve been working on my talent for years, but I started having the results I have now after adding business acumen and ethics including training, observation, practice and doing to my passion.

Therefore, in order to help as many individuals as possible to profit from their talent and skills, I’ve designed an online course “UNEARTH MASTERCLASS” to train just 20 persons on the following for almost free:

  • HOW to vacate the shores of confusion,
  • HOW to achieve more with less,
  • HOW to overcome life’s biggest threats,
  • HOW to make good use of your abilities,
  • HOW to get rid of lean purses.

I really want to help you answer life’s biggest question and overturn distress in your favour.

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