The Key Elements of Public Speaking

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The 3 Elements of persuasion in public speaking

The goal of public speaking is to cause an action to take place that would not have taken place in the absence of the words of the speaker.

You should be aware that the audience are vying for your solution to the current challenges they are facing, they trust your words so much. Your job as a speaker is to motivate and impel your listeners to think, feel and act differently as the result of your words. Your carry solution in your words.

Public speakers are to cause a change among the people through their utterances, there must be reorientation as well as paradigm shift.

The three elements of persuasion are logos, ethos and emotions.


This refers to logic or words and the reasons in your argument, just like a season movie, your words must fit together as you move from point to point, every initial point must link up with the preceding point.

It therefore means that you build each point on the previous one. As I often say, proper preparation and planning prevents poor performance, as you sit to plan and organize your talk, let this thought be in you to always make your speech flow like a river.


This refers to your character, ethics, and your believability when you speak. Increas￾ing your credibility with your audience before and during your speech increases the likelihood that listeners will accept your arguments and take action on your recommendations.

It is expected that your look and demonstration is a reflection of your voice and choice of words. You can not win with a loser appearance.

People read more meaning to how you say your words and not just the words alone.


The third aspect of persuasion is pathos. This is the emotional content of your argument and is perhaps the most important. It is only when you connect emotionally and move people at a fundamental level that you can motivate them to change their thinking and take a particular action.

All three elements—logos, ethos, and pathos—must be woven together if you want to move people and persuade them to your point of view.

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