Why you are not on your seat yet?

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Are you really cut-out for this?

In the Mastering the Business of your Talent Course with Steve Harris, I was made to understand that happiness and enjoyment in life and work depends how badly you really want them.

I’ve seen people who call themselves businessman and businesswoman and want to achieve great things with the easiest of might and strength, I don’t discourage them yet I’m not a fan of wishful desires with little or no action.

To really achieve your dreams, to build the empire you desire, to seat on the sit of greatness made for you, you need to be convinced in your crafts, you really need to be made for it, ask yourself again, am I doing this for myself or because I saw people doing it?

Am I really made for this?

Do I see myself as the emperor of this empire in twenty years from now?

Does my life depends on this entity?

Can I really give up everything just to follow my dreams, and build the business of my talent and potentials?

Friends you really need to be cut-out for this, decide to be extremely good and never to give up on this journey, the seat of wealth and domination suffers violence and only those who are ruthless in execution and violent in determination takes it.

Are you really cut-out for this?

If yes is your answer to the above question then you have to follow it up with the Emeka Nobis approach, which is to create engagements, create engagement that will promote your crafts, let all that you do speak of what you do.

You create engagement by producing and sharing valuable contents, every of your actions in the social space must be the reflection of what you want to be known for. Like Nobis instructed, edit your facebook tag settings, approve only posts that elevate your status as a business person.

This I did, and my craft became visible to all, everything I do online tells more of who I am and who I’m becoming.

Regular engagement presents you as a serious contractor before your clients, learn the act of creating rich contents. It helps in a long way.

If engagement has been created then you need to move your business towards the point of earning, what’s success with lean purse? It doesn’t make sense, trade whatever you can. Learn how to make money from what you do, learn how to keep money and learn how to use money.

Trade your expertise to make money, put up your products before your customers, tell the whole world about it, you can’t afford to be silent here, the bigger the noise, the bigger the promotion, the bigger the patronage, the bigger the money, the bigger the boy.

To keep money, I offer you a help from the richest man in Babylon, “a part of what you earn is yours.”

Keep it real, my hundred penny advice.

Live your dreams.

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