The Power of Consistency

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I read a post by Emeka Nobis where he was cited as an economic risk by an international publishing firm, maybe due to the fact that he was relatively unknown as at that time but a stern believe in his craft and ideology made him grew from a mustard seed to a giant cedar.

It will be a miracle, unheard of or a bigger risk most times for a well known business outfit to associate with events, people, or ideas that may deep their brands in dirty waters. But how do you get better if you are not given the privilege to do so?

Instead of raining curses on the said firm, he put up heavy engagements, erected his platforms where humanity congregate to feed on his deliveries, and are blessed.

It’s very true that a ray of sunlight consistently directed to a paper through a concave lens will ignite fire with time.

It’s only a concentrated wee that can create a hole in the sand.

So, you have to be consistent in what you do before you can be recognized as an authority in your industry.

Coca cola is one of the most recognized and patronized beverages in the world, yet it’s the most consistent in terms of advertisement.

What this does is to endear you with your audience creating a bond that can’t be easily destroyed.

A friend that calls you regularly have a bigger space in your heart than the one that calls once in a while.

Consistency is a major rule in world domination. You must show up!

Simply by showing up every time on social media is enough for you to take the lead but howbeit you must buy into the time factor.

I adore individuals who refuses to give up, people who believes in their crafts and also know the importance of consistency. It is just a matter of time. Don’t take the rejection personal they just want you to get better.

Don’t settle, stay hungry, stay foolish.

Live your dreams.


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