5 ways to approve your dreams

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Self approval means to approve yourself, your dreams and your values irrespective of what others are saying. Many people are not living to their true potentials simply because they do not consider themselves worthy, they fail to approve their dreams and aspirations in life, they become miserable and unfulfilled and always fill undeserving.

So many awaits other people to approve them and the absence of this has caused many to give up on their dreams, they engage in secondary activities, things that doesn’t fit them, things that brings more pain and embarrassment, things that deprive them of their joy, things that doesn’t contribute to their greatness.
In the bid to approve yourself and live up to your true potentials I posit the following.

1. Forgive yourself: Most people feel less of themselves because they are not proud of their past, and they refuse to chase their greatness. The first thing to do is to forgive yourself of your past, let it go, forgive yourself of the wrongs and disappointments of the past and the moment of refreshing will come forth. Learn from the past experience and move on. Pardon yourself of past mistakes then you true identity will come forth.

2. Clean your closet: Everything you have around you is a reflection of your consciousness. There are something that only you know that no one knows about you, might be a character that you hide from people because their knowledge of it might chase them from you, you need to clean yourself up, rid bad behaviours, take the time out to tame habits that are repugnant to greatness. It might be lateness, being garrulous, self centered, or other illicit activities. Get rid of unfulfilling relationships, cut away ties that doesn’t make you grow spiritually, physically and mentally. Don’t allow them to hold you down.

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Approve your dreams


3. Don’t procrastinate: Decide to act now, there will never be a perfect time to work on your dreams. You are not perfect and you will never be perfect. Do all you can now with what you have maybe tomorrow the good Lord will take you away. We are not stricken by the things that we’ve done but we are seriously stricken by the things we don’t do. Decide to act on your dreams today, don’t let your dreams remain dreams.

4. Love yourself: Device and develop compassion for yourself despite your human defects. Spend time with yourself, make caring for you the highest priority, that’s best way to approve yourself and your dreams. Always strive to make the best for yourself, don’t neglect yourself. You can go on to develop a health plan, eat nutritious food and well balanced diet, exercise regularly. If you don’t take of yourself no one will do that for you. Your health is the vehicle to take you on to your destination.

5. Draw a line: Enough is enough. Don’t allow things you don’t like to happen in your life. Avoid situations that makes you upset and bitter. You may need to stop seeing movies that frightens you, even stop visiting places that brings the worst in you. Do things you like, allow nothing but the best for yourself. Locate what’s fit for you.

The list is endless but the above can help you achieve a lot.

I want you to know that you are good enough to achieve your dreams, your dreams are valid, all you need to show up everyday and reassure yourself, forgive yourself and forgive others that may have offended you.


You deserve the best that life has to offer. Live up to your true potentials.

Live your dreams.

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