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Becoming a self made millionaire is not the most important thing, rather the person you have to become in order for you to become a self made millionaire is the most important. You have to become a totally changed person, you would still be poor if you carry a poverty mindset into a home of prosperity just like renting out an exquisite mansion to a pig, it is a mere waste of time because a pig cannot be anything but a pig.

In trying to rule the world and leaving a lasting impression, it is advisable that you drop the limited aspirations you have for yourself, lay down your faulty beliefs and take on a new mindset, change your belief system, and refuse to be led by your life experiences.

To achieve the remarkable you have to practice what top people practice, you have to reinvent a new wheel of prosperity and it all begin here…in the power of DREAMS.

If I could write my own dictionary, I will put dreams first because it all starts with a dream or an idea.

Dreams are very important, that all it will take you to succeed in life depends largely on your ability to dream big dreams. Anyone who has succeeded at anytime and in any sphere of influence has at one time had a dream of what they want to achieve or who they hope to become.

For you to shake the world and live to your true best, you have to dream, project to the future, what you want to accomplish in the time you want to spend here.

More so, there is a need to validate your dreams, testing it, making sure it works. I’ve met folks who started out doing something great but along the line ruptured their efforts.

It is not enough to have dreams, you must work towards bringing it to fulfilment as the sayings, don’t allow your dream to remain a dream, put action into it.

So many people has failed to work towards their dreams don’t join the bandwagon.

* Have wonderful dreams,

* Recapture your lost dreams, and

* If you have missed out on a particular dream what I’ll suggest is that you create new ones, and find ways to make them real.

Run With A Vision
Live Your Dreams
Change The World

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